Tory MPs worried about off-grid energy support

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Tory MPs worried about off-grid energy support

Some Tory MPs in rural areas have raised concerns about the support given to households who use oil or liquefied petroleum gas to heat their homes.

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Ministers said off-grid energy consumers would receive an extra payment of £100 as they announced support for businesses on Wednesday.

The £100 is a top-up to a £400 payment, which is going to all UK households.

But off-grid energy consumers will not benefit from the two-year cap on typical household bills.

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg said there was « equivalence » in the level of support offered because the price of heating oil had not risen as much as the price of gas.

But many MPs questioned whether the support was comparable.

Several Tories told the BBC that they would raise the issue in a meeting with Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

Around 1.1 million fossil-fuel heated homes in England are not connected to the gas grid.

The BBC understands the government is keeping support for alternative fuels under review should there be further price increases.

Conservative MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, said: « I and my colleagues will be watching carefully to assess whether the support is truly comparable and will be making such representations as we consider necessary. »

Tory MP for Buckingham, Greg Smith, said: « I’m happy there’s been movement, but we’ve got to polish this. »

Another Conservative representing a rural constituency in Wales added: « £100 is unlikely to be enough for this coming winter and I will be exploring this further with government ministers. »

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